Decorating technologies


The best technique for decorating porcelain, ceramics or glass is with vitrified transfer decals. Its ability to create precise, fine lines in different designs, attractive finish and durability make this the preferred technique for customers who want quality for its products or promotional items.

The designs are printed via silkscreen on a special support, to be transferred onto the piece with a transfer paper. Once the piece is dry, it is fired in an industrial oven at 800 ºC for porcelain or ceramic and at 600 ºC if it is glass.

porcelain to go mugs being decorated with transfer decals

The vitrified decals on porcelain or ceramics are very durable, and therefore suitable for microwaves and dishwashers. On glass products, hand washing is recommended because the use of the dishwasher on glass will cause the color to fade.


Each color is printed with its own film and screen. This way we are able to achieve uniform and very vivid colors.

In the process of manufacturing transfer decals, specific inks are used which vitrify when they fire in an oven at a high temperature. Because of the characteristics of this method, there are no Pantone colors in the ceramic industry. This is because during the cooking process there may be small tonal variations in the colors. We get as close as we can to the Pantone colors requested by the customer, and we can provide color samples before the production of the order.


The use of transfer decals allows to decorate almost any area of the piece. In the case of mugs, in addition to the outer perimeter of the mug, we can also decorate the handle, the base, the bottom and the inside.


Sublimation is an ideal decoration technique for when the design for the mug is a digital image, photograph or drawing with a wide range of colors. By applying heat, an offset printed image is transferred onto the piece.

Pieces decorated through sublimation are microwave safe, but it is recommended to wash them by hand. Using a dishwasher can make the decoration lose its color little by little.


With sublimation there is no color limit, which also makes it an ideal technique for small quantity productions.

Sublimation printed mugs


We only use sublimation to decorate basic mugs. We can decorate the entire perimeter of the mug except for the handle, but this printing technique does not allow decoration on the base or the inside of the mug.