Creating a collection

A collection of porcelain mugs with nice and funny imprints

You probably have a lot of interesting ideas for new collections of mugs. But if you need a little help with the more technical processes of production you can contact us. We know that the process of creating a product is important even from the first second, and that the end result must be excellent.

How can we help you?

-Choose a model of mug and ask for some samples in order to see the product.

-We have color samples printed on porcelain and ceramics. It will surely be easier to choose the colors that will define your collection with the material rather than from a computer screen.

-If you want to receive your product market-ready ask about our packaging options. You can receive your product market-ready.

Porcelain mugs with a funny transfer decal imprint

There are many different reasons for creating a collection of mugs. Maybe you have a brand license and you’re going to sell mugs as merchandise. As an example, sales of film and television merchandise have grown significantly over the last few years and the profits from this may far surpass those of the series itself. In the world of cinema the same thing often happens. Did you know that George Lucas asked 20th Century Fox for the rights to sell other companies the use of the Star Wars logo in exchange for a reduced salary?

You might also want to create a collection with positive affirmations, literary quotes or funny phrases. There are many messages to convey, many interesting ideas that deserve to be known and many designs to show off. Mugs are an ideal way to depict these special designs.

Collections can also be inspired by a place. When we travel to other cities or countries, a mug can remind us of that place that felt magical to us, a monument that impressed us or the city itself, so it can be the best souvenir.

Whatever finish you may be looking for, we definitely have a solution to offer you. Reach us at and we will be happy to assist you.

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