Product creation

Custom little ceramics plates for promotional gifts

In addition to the range of pieces that you can choose from our catalog, you can also ask for a quote for manufacturing of custom pieces. Custom porcelain and ceramic products offer ample possibilities to give life to your designs. The product will be created by professionals and with quality materials so that the result is excellent.

Pitchers, writing utensils, bowls or any kitchenware pieces are just a few of the products that we can custom manufacture. These can be customized with a vitrified decal, a decorating technique that becomes permanent once it is baked in an industrial oven, making it safe for microwaves and dishwashers.

We can produce custom ceramics and porcelain for orders of over 1,000 units. In addition to the piece itself, we can also take care of the production of packaging and customize the boxes so that you can receive the completely finished product.

Why create custom products?

These will be manufactured and customized exclusively for you, so they will be seamlessly adapted to your needs. Whether as a promotional gift or to market a product, custom manufacturing is an option that opens up many possibilities for your product’s design. For more information please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.