Take Away Mugs

Porcelain mug to go with silicon lid with decal imprint

Have you ever wanted to drink coffee on your way to the office but didn’t have any appropriate containers? We have a very sustainable solution for this problem: porcelain to go mugs.

This type of mug is designed for people who are modern, fun and very active. Their design is reminiscent of disposable cups, however, these are much more sustainable because they can be used an unlimited number of times. The mugs are made with high quality porcelain, which keeps beverages warm for longer when compared to typical cardboard coffee cups. The lids are made of silicone, with several colors available.

transfer decal imprint in a porcelain white take away mug

There are many reasons why these mugs are marketable.

One of them is that more and more people are getting their coffee to go. Although of course it would be preferable to have a relaxing cup of coffee at home or in a café, our hectic lives sometimes force us to take it with us and to enjoy our coffee as we walk in a hurry. A thermos has the same function, but a mug allows you to sip your beverage much more comfortably while walking, on public transport or anywhere.

Another reason is that freshly brewed coffee, when it is immediately stored in a container with a lid, will retain the quantities of its flavor for longer. These porcelain to go mugs will maintain the beverage’s temperature for longer and will make its flavor and aroma last longer. Doesn’t a delicious to go coffee sound good?

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